Purpose of this Blog

The purpose of this blog is to share in fellow community with other Christian believers who are in their walk of Recovery with Christ.

This blog is for you IF YOU..

  1. Have ever struggled with an issue that required recovery – such as substance abuse, addiction, mental health issues, trauma, and the like. Especially recovery from the pains and hurts you’ve experienced in the church as a LGBTQIA identifying member.
  2. Feel alone – know that YOU are NOT alone – but are surrounded by a cloud of witnesses – your Christian brothers and sisters in Christ who want to do life with you with God at your side!
  3. Want encouragement in your daily walk with Christ – wherever you’re at in your journey of faith, I hope to only enrich your walk!
  4. Desire helpful wisdom and advice ranging from Christian living to Christian Book Reviews!

My hope is that as more readers come into this community, that I can build an actual Christian community forum where believers can share in their struggles and encourage one another! Stay tuned for that.


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